That Elf on the Shelf…

The Elf on the Shelf.

I cursed that elf at 3 this morning when I realized he was still in the same place. I walked through a land mine of pointy toys, including the dreaded Legos, trying to check on sweet little “Sugarplum.” Yep, that’s his name. Sweet little Sugarplum.

I read something earlier today from a woman who refuses to have the Elf on the Shelf in her house. I get it. He can be a nuisance. It can be time-consuming cleaning up after him.  And let me tell ya, Sugarplum is not very creative…he appears in the most BASIC manner.  Snow angels out of flour…head in the coffee canister…stuck in a glass. BASIC. Sugarplum is not a Pinterest elf…he keeps it pretty simple.

I didn’t think I was going to be one of those Elf on the Shelf mommas but let me tell ya…that all changed on the first morning he showed up. Their faces were priceless…their belly laughs were contagious and they couldn’t wait to see what he would do next. And let’s be real, it’s kind of clutch to be able to say, “Sugarplum is going to report back to Santa!”

When my oldest was 7-years-old, she stopped believing in Sugarplum’s magic. It made me sad because I knew Christmas wouldn’t feel the same for her…it would feel slightly less magical.

We only had seven years of LOOK-TO-THE-SKY magic and wonder…and then, it was over. Only seven years.

So that’s why Sugarplum and his annoying little ways will always be welcome in my house.

The magic, wonder and curiosity doesn’t last very long…

I want to cherish every second of it.

Even if that means piercing my feet with Legos at all hours of the night 😉