Mommin’ so hard…

Comment sections on social media can be two things: absolute gold or a migraine/high blood pressure inducing crap show. Mine was the latter this morning at 6am this morning while I was scrolling through the comments on a blog I read. Long story short, the well-written and RELATABLE (for me) piece incited yet another Stay-at-home-mom… Continue reading Mommin’ so hard…


Please…BRAG away!

Like most moms, I stay up way too late and then wake up way too early all to enjoy a few moments of myself. At night, I throw myself into the latest episode of a trashy reality show or a murder the early morning hours, I get caught up with the news and… Continue reading Please…BRAG away!


Not another one.  I whispered that to myself while I was in the waiting room of a doctor's office. "Dan James Richards, of Creston, died on May 30 at the age of 16." Dan ended his life after being bullied...relentlessly. The rest of the obituary read: The family would like to note: to the bullies… Continue reading Enough.