“A lie doesn’t become truth…wrong doesn’t become right…evil doesn’t become good just because it’s accepted by the majority.”

About a month ago is when I first heard the allegations of bullying…assault…despicable behavior.

Once I confirmed everything with authorities, I blogged about it.  Posting that blog was like throwing a match on gasoline. But it needed to be done.

I removed the blog post out of respect for the victim…because apparently, he was being harassed YET AGAIN. I wondered how those people CONTINUED TO GET AWAY WITH THAT BEHAVIOR. But I digress…the last thing I wanted to do was hurt the victim.

I was sent a copy of an email that the Principal/Athletic Director/Superintendent of the school district sent out to teachers to read to their students.  It basically told students not to believe everything you read on social media…especially from a “blogger.”

For the record, I’m not a “blogger.” I’m an Emmy-award winning journalist who is now a full-time advocate to keep children SAFE. I just happen to have a blog. But I digress again because IT IS NOT ABOUT ME. It’s about a young victim. The things that allegedly happened. Those who knew. Those who did NOTHING. If you defend the behavior that is detailed in the criminal complaint than you are a disgrace.

Here is what we know from Sheriff’s Office: “The victim was held down against his will. The victim was not allowed to get up and the victim.” The alleged incident was captured on SnapChat and shared with authorities. See…we told you everything is PERMANENT on social media…even on SnapChat.

Some news outlets are posting the graphic nature of what happened…but I will not. That young person does not need to be re-victimized.

This is what I know from confirmed sources: the case has been moved twice so far because of conflicts of interest. Basically, the family of one of the juveniles involved, knows a lot of people.

I will not stop talking about this until justice is served…but I am asking a favor.

Please have mercy on the students at South Winn who knew nothing. Because of this terrible situation, there has been a lot of negativity attention surrounding the school. For many students…they were kept in the dark too. We need to make sure they are kept safe.

Please don’t share the graphic details of the case. Read them so you know just how severe they are…but don’t repost. The victim has suffered enough. We need to keep him safe.

Go to the upcoming school board meeting and demand answers.

Ask why the others involved are not being tried as adults.

Demand change.

Demand justice.

People KNEW.

They did NOTHING.

Connect the dots of those involved.

It’s quite the web.