I was criticized recently for posting how I always ask “who else was invited” before I agree to go anywhere.

Here’s the thing, I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations.

It’s refreshing to finally admit “ya know…I don’t care for that person…so no, I don’t want them in my circle or even on the outer layer of my circle.”

I used to feel really bad for thinking things like that or even saying them out loud…but now, I am making no apologies.

The people with ulterior motives…the people who are as authentic as my spray tan…the people who are your friend on social media so they can be a “surveillance camera” because they have never liked or commented on a picture…the people who yuck it up with you in public when you already know they can’t stand you…the people who live for talking crap about you.

Those are unnecessary people in my life.

I don’t like everyone…and that’s ok.

Not everyone likes me…and that is ok.

I have been unfriended, blocked and everything in between. It used to bother me in my younger years…it would actually keep me up at night. I would lay there and think, “What did I do? Did I say something? Did I not say something? How can I make it better?”

But once I hit 40, it became more of a relief than anything else. Why surround yourself with people who obviously don’t care for you? If they want to delete you from their life…let them and don’t give it a second thought.

Admitting (to yourself) that you don’t like or care for someone doesn’t mean you are not KIND.

Admitting that you don’t like someone means that you value your OWN energy, heart and time.

Walk away from the people who only want to spend time “playing in the sandbox.”

We all deserve to be surrounded by people who are cheering us on…not the ones who are secretly hoping that we fail. You deserve MORE.

Trust me, it’s liberating to walk away.