This is the most important blog post I have ever written because it’s the one I need to get “out there” the most.

31 days.

Jake Wilson has been gone for 31 days.

31 days of not knowing where he is.

31 days of not knowing what happened.

31 days of not sitting at the breakfast table.

31 days of not being able to hear his laugh.

31 days of not getting a hug from him.

31 days of not seeing his smile.

31 days.

This is Jake Wilson.


It doesn’t matter that you’ve shared it 10 times…100 times…or 1,000 times.

He’s still not home.

31 days.

He’s our son…our grandson…our brother…our nephew…our friend…our student.

We don’t give up on children. We need to help bring him home.

We are the village.

Say his name over and over. Share his picture over and over. There’s no such thing as sharing “too much.” This isn’t about US. It’s about Jake Wilson…he is still not home.

So I will continue to share his name…his picture every single day. If that’s too much for people, then they can unfollow me.