Baby number 4 is going to make her appearance in the near future 🙂  And this is going to be my third daughter.  While my husband broke out into a deep sweat over the thought of having three daughters (need more bathrooms, dealing with BOYS, paying for weddings)…I looked at it a little differently.

It’s an amazing thing to have a daughter…especially, to help guide her through this world.  I had to learn to be tough…but still have finesse. Assertive…without being called a b**ch.  Passionate…without being called emotional.  Vocal…without being called pushy. Being a woman is tough.  But I have never felt more empowered.

So this is my advice for my daughters…mainly for my 9-year-old right now. (My 2-year-old’s only concern right now is Peppa Pig)

I’ve done a list like this before…and it’s hanging on her closet door 😉 So in honor of National Daughter Day that was yesterday…here it is:

1. You are loved
2. You are beautiful
3. Dry shampoo will always be one of your BFFs
4. Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Notorious BIG – they have a song for every mood. Learn them
5. Don’t be friends with people who say “everybody’s doing it”
6. Never act mean to fit in
7. That said, you’re not going to like everyone. And that’s ok
8. You will make mistakes. Good. That’s when you will learn about life
9. Speak your mind
10. Command respect. Don’t demand it
11.  Your Daddy will never like any boy. Ever
12.  Tell me the truth and I won’t get mad
13.  Don’t be afraid to sweat. Not glisten. Really, really sweat
14.  Order fries
15. Don’t rely on boys to make you feel good
16. “The Godfather” is not a mob movie. It is a movie about FAMILY
17.  Life is not a Disney movie. Never wait for Prince Charming to “rescue you”
18.  Always use proper grammar. Always
19.  Be a face-to-face girl. Don’t rely on social media
20.  Be smart, kind and genuine
21.  When in doubt, DANCE YOUR BUTT OFF
22.  Don’t diet
23.  A pint of Ben & Jerry’s can solve everything
24.  Always walk into the room with a smile on your face
25.  Be loyal. And only surround yourself with LOYAL people
26. Make sure your nails are always neat and clean
27.  Be modest. Classy not trashy
28.  Laugh. Laugh a lot
29.  Your mom and dad were once really, really cool. And hot too. No…seriously 🙂
30.  Never feel guilty about putting sweats on, ordering take-out and hanging out with your Mom on a Friday night
31.  You will always be THE most important girl in my life. Always

32. Pray. Morning, noon and night

33. There is nothing more beautiful than being smart

34. Know your current events

35. Don’t post so many selfies and don’t stage photos. It’s obnoxious

36. Stand up for what you believe in, but don’t throw stones to make your point

37. One day, you will realize that I DID know what I was talking about. Trust me

38. Don’t compare yourself to others

39. Take chances. It’s better too say “oops” than wonder “what if.”

40. There will be days you hate me. But I will always be your biggest supporter…and I will always love you. even on the bad days.