A lot of people are talking about Iowa this morning.

American Idol winner and Clarksville native Maddie Poppe captured the world with her unbelievable talent, grace and personality. I mean come on…how can you not love Maddie??

A friend of mine from back home in PA (yes, if you’re from Pennsylvania you just say PA) said to me that she loved when AI showed Maddie going back home to Iowa. “You can just tell the people there are genuine and nice.”

Yep. It’s true. Iowa nice.

Well now that we have your attention a little more America, I want to share a few more pictures. Because we need your help. In the beginning, every news outlet talked about them…but then, just like the ribbons on the trees, everything started to fade.

So I know people are coming off the high of the Royal fairytale…we’re analyzing everything from the dress, hair and flowers. And then there’s the social media phenomenon trying to figure out if it’s “Laurel” or “Yanny”. I’m sorry…but there is something much more pressing.


This is Jake. Jake Wilson. He’s been missing for 45 days now. 45 days. As a mom, I can’t even fathom how it feels to have a child missing…especially not knowing what happened. Was he taken? Was is hurt? Is he being kept somewhere against his will? Everything is unknown. This picture is more important than any “exclusive” Royal wedding picture. This is someone’s son…and he’s been gone for 45 days.

elizabeth lyric

This is Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook. They’re cousins. They were abducted in a neighboring town. Their bodies were found miles away.

They were murdered.

Their killer…has still not been found.

So while an American woman became a real-life princess and she certainly looked gorgeous doing it…these are the pictures that I would love to see flooding social media.

So now that we have your attention America…we need to fight for these kids.

Our voices are all they have.