Dear parent who called me a ridiculous name at a soccer game,

I don’t know your name, but I remember you. In fact, my 10-year-old daughter has asked about you for several days now. I know where you’re from…you’re not local, thankfully. I say that because I don’t know if I could refrain myself from sharing some words with you if I saw you at HyVee.

Look sir, I know our daughters were playing in a very heated soccer game recently. Your team is very good and aggressive, as is ours. I like watching girls play who aren’t afraid to get knocked around a little.

But let’s cut to the chase. One of your players took out one of ours. It was pretty deliberate…there was a clothesline and a trip…but hey I get it…it happens in competitive play.

Our player was seriously hurt….and I heard you.

You started clapping followed with a “that’s how you do it!”  You were reveling in the fact that our player was rolling around on the ground in pain.

Not cool.

I’m not going to be the moral police here because I am far from perfect. But my daughter heard you say that. She saw you clapping when a young girl got hurt.

Again not cool.

My Mama bear blood started to boil a bit so I stood up and said very loudly, “oh come on! She’s hurt.”

That’s when you shouted for me to sit down…and then referred to me as a certain gardening tool. Yeah. My daughter heard that too.

Look I get it…as parents…we get really into the game. I know I do.

But when we’re cheering when a player gets hurt…clapping when they’re in pain on the field…calling young kids names…starting fights with the opposing team’s fans…well, then we are crossing the line BIG time.

I’m not going to get up and preach here…all I can do is stay in my lane and make sure my own children’s behavior is in check.

I want my kids to know to play tough…take a knee when someone gets hurt…always shake hands after the game…win with humility…lose with grace.

We can get into the game without being jerks.

Let’s stop ruining youth sports.


That mom you called a gardening tool.