jacob anderson

This is Jacob Anderson.

And apparently Jacob has some really good lawyers.

After being accused of raping, choking and leaving a 19-year-old woman unconscious behind a tent at a party, this former fraternity president will be on probation for a few years and has to pay a $400 fine.

That’s apparently the going rate for sexual assault in this country: probation and a fine. Is that all that young woman is worth? How in the he** do you strike a PLEA DEAL on cases like this??

Ohhh that’s right. She was drunk…she was acting flirtatious…she kissed him at the party…she wanted it.  I was so thankful Jacob’s defense attorney pointed out all of the reasons why his client is the “real” victim…cue major eye roll on that one.

According to his supporters, Jacob lost EVERYTHING. He got kicked out of his fraternity and Baylor. Please strike up the world’s smallest violin.

Anyone supporting him has it all wrong…he didn’t lose everything…he STOLE everything from a young woman. He stole her body…her virginity…her power. And when that was all over, he left her naked and alone…only to wake up covered in her own vomit.

I’m over these plea deals.

I’m over these fines.

I’m over these cases of probation.

I’m over reading things like “she could be lying”…”it was probably consensual”…”she shouldn’t have been drinking so much.”

How about we flip the script and say: Wow – this is not okay – we BELIEVE YOU. WE SUPPORT YOU.

When do victims matter?

When will we stop victim blaming?

When will we wake up and realize that before the age of 18, one in five CHILDREN will be sexually abused. They don’t have the voice the woman in this case has and she was STILL IGNORED AND DISCARDED.

What the victim said to a Texas newspaper says it all:

It must be horrible to be you. To know what you did to me. To know you are a rapist. To know you almost killed me. To know you ruined my life, stole my virginity and stole many other things from me.”

His conscience should be keeping him up at night in a jail cell…not in his cushy home.

So instead of being offended by a certain Christmas song that’s playing on the radio…be offended and outraged that women and children continue to be sexually assaulted and nobody seems to care.