“I think you should try a two-piece! Showcase that baby bump!”

A very sweet and ENTHUSIASTIC sales clerk gave me that suggestion recently while I was shopping for a maternity bathing suit.

My reaction was similar to that moment in the movie “Mrs. Doubtfire” when Pierce Brosnan suggested Mrs. Doubtfire put on her bathing suit and get in the pool 😉 Long-story short = my pregnant self in a two-piece suit is not happening.

Maternity bathing suits (cue eye roll). Every time I have to put one on, I feel like I’m a sausage being filled up and tied. Then there’s always the wraparound mirror…just so you can see yourself at every possible angle. Thanks to whomever invented those.

This past Saturday, it was HOT. HOTTER than HOT. This is normally the time I start counting down the days until fall sorry not sorry).  Because of the heat, I could CARE LESS what I was shoved into to go to the pool…just get me in the water!

My kiddos and I spent every minute in the water. It felt like heaven on earth.

I am pretty sure I was entertainment for many when I was trying to get into an inner tube to take a whirl around the lazy river with my oldest two. Actually I take that back…it was TRULY entertaining watching me trying to get OUT of the inner tube.  My son was impressed, “that was a good double roll mom!” I felt more like a struggling manatee but whatever 🙂

We played. We splashed. We swam. We laughed. We made memories.

At no point did my children ask me about my bathing suit.  At no point did my children care about what I was wearing.

When we were home after a long day I asked them, “Did you have fun today?”

My son said, “Yes! My favorite was going down the slide 80 times and you were clapping when you saw me!”

My oldest daughter said, “It was fun going around the lazy river with you.”

The baby couldn’t answer…because she was already in a deep sleep (and she can’t complete full sentences just yet lol).

There it is.  My kids were not concerned over my swimsuit…or the size of myself in one. They weren’t concerned that my legs were paler than a ghost. They weren’t concerned that I’m a little more “jiggly” since I haven’t been to the gym too much this pregnancy.

They remember the lazy river…the laughing…my reaction when they came down the slide…the shaved ices we shared.

Point is this: put on the bathing suit.

Forget about the damn mirror and the fact the reflection may have changed over the years.

I feel foolish because worrying about a bathing suit is actually pretty ridiculous.  It’s about the belly laughs and the memories you’re making with our kids.

(I’m still not wearing a two-piece though lol)