I remember the days when I would watch the MTV Video Music Awards.  I was much younger…and the show was about the amazing performances…and less about zooming in on a reality TV star who contributes next-to-nothing.  I guess I’m too old-school but I still hang on to performances like those by Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Bon Jovi.

So I didn’t even realize the music awards were on last night…until today.  Singer Pink was honored last night…and her speech is the talk of the internet today…for good reason.

I have always been a huge fan of Pink.  She makes ZERO apologies for speaking her mind and being herself.  It’s refreshing.

She shared a story about her daughter…who out of the blue told her mom that she thought she was the ugliest person alive.  Pink shared some of the conversation she had with her young daughter: “When people make fun of me . . . do you see me growing my hair? ‘No, mama.’ Do you see me changing my body? ‘No mama.’ Do you see me selling out arenas all over the world? ‘Yes, mama.’”

Pink went on to tell her daughter this:  “So, baby, girl,” Pink said, “We don’t change. We take the gravel and the shell and we make a pearl. You my darling girl are beautiful, and I love you.”

Over some waffles and OJ this morning, I was talking to my oldest about Pink’s speech. She said, “sounds like you and your fitting in a box thing you tell me.”

What I try to teach my kids on a daily basis is this: Don’t let society put you in a box. Because what works for you…may not work for your friend. It’s simple really…just be YOU and never make any apologies for it.

I spent years trying to “fit the mold.” I thought my waist had to be a certain size…my shade of red lipstick had to be just right…my hair had to be in place and the perfect blonde tone…and the smile had to be glued to my face.

Nobody remembers any of that. They may remember when I put my foot down against the guy who called me a “floozy” for wearing red lipstick 🙂 But I doubt people remember the shade of red I was wearing.

I am who I am.

My daughters are who they are.

My son is who he is.

Everyone is a unique masterpiece who isn’t supposed to fit a mold.  We’re supposed to break the mold.

Don’t let anyone define you…instead, defy everything negative they say about you.

And if someone wants to make fun of you because you don’t fit in their box?  Tell them to grab the popcorn…because you’re just getting started 😉


Thank you Pink for inspiring this morning’s breakfast conversation