Mother’s Day.

It feels different this year.

I had so many medical problems after Aria was born, I honestly didn’t know if I would be around for this Mother’s Day. I remember when I was in the emergency room I looked at the nurse and said: “I have four children at home. Please help me. They need me.” She touched my hand and said, “Stay strong momma.”

Stay strong.

It’s the mantra of moms everywhere isn’t it?

There are moms to babies in heaven.

There are moms who are watching their children fight for their lives in the hospital.

There are moms who have children missing.

There are moms who have children who are being bullied.

There are moms who have children who have taken their own lives.

There are moms who never got to hold their child.

We are in this amazingly sad, crazy and beautiful sisterhood together.

We have so many sleepless nights.

That’s because we worry about the health of our unborn child…

We rock the fussy baby to sleep…

We check under the bed for monsters after the toddler has a nightmare…

We lay with the grade-schooler because he just wants to have time with mommy…

We wait up for the teenager because there is no better sound than that front door opening…

We feel helpless when the baby has colic…

When the toddler skins both knees…

When the grade-schooler is getting bullied…

or when the teenager has their heart broken for the first time.

We wonder if we’re making the right decision when it comes to daycare, school and sports.

We wonder if they’re eating enough vegetables, brushing their teeth properly and getting enough sleep.

We wonder if they’re being kind, respectful and genuine to others.

We wonder if others are being kind, respectful and genuine to them.

We wonder if they’re eating alone at lunch or have nobody to play with at recess.

Morning, noon, night and middle of the night…we worry.

We worry because there is no greater love than the LOVE a mother has for her child.

So yes, on Mother’s Day, I want a break.

A break from worrying.

So let me sleep in a little…

Do the laundry…clean up the house a bit…make me my favorite foods.

Do all of that so I can surround myself with the four blessings God gave me…

I want to be FULLY PRESENT with them…

Because God knew they still need me…and I need them.

Happy Mother’s Day.