I’m still up in the middle of the night feeding the baby…that’s normally the time I get caught up on news headlines. I was scrolling through Twitter when I saw a man complaining. I’ll leave out his Twitter handle but he said:

“That Judge in the Nassar case needs fired! Did u hear how she talked to him?!”

Blood. Boiling.

{Larry Nassar is the doctor who molested hundreds of girls over the years. Hundreds. He wrote a letter to the court saying all of this testimony against him was damaging to his mental health, blah blah blah. The Judge called him out on it. Let him know there will be no pity party.}

Another tweet read:

“Ok he did it. Let him leave with a lil dignity.”


I. Can’t. Even.

Young athletes went to this “world-renowned” doctor to get treated for sprained ankles, pulled hamstrings and sore backs…and he would put his hands inside of them. Sorry if it’s TMI…but it needs to be out there…that’s what this sick man was doing FOR YEARS. Sexually assaulting young girls was part of “normal treatment.”

These athletes reported his behavior to their coaches and nobody believed them. Instead of grabbing the pitchforks and torches to beat his door down…the coaches instead interrogated the athletes. Told them all they “misunderstood” their treatment.

I just can’t. There aren’t even words.

Let’s stop looking over our shoulder for the creepy van with the curtain on the window in the back.

There are people around us…people we trust…who could be grooming our children to be their next victim. They could be telling our children things like, “this is routine…this is normal…there is nothing wrong…trust me.”

When our children talk…be sure to listen…ask questions…

Let them know…WE BELIEVE YOU.

That sick monster COULD HAVE and SHOULD HAVE been stopped decades ago. But hundreds of young women were called liars instead.