Wake up and rattle some cages.

I shared that recently during a FB live and I was hit with some questions via email and social media. “What do you mean? That’s a little aggressive…you’re going to upset people. That’s not very feminine of you.”


I have always said I feel like society gives women the standard four-sided box and says: “here…go ahead and fit in this just like the others…don’t do anything outside of this box.”

If we dare to push the edges on that “box” than we’re immediately labeled. We’re TOO aggressive, TOO pushy, TOO demanding, TOO emotional, TOO loving, TOO passionate, TOO dominating, TOO overbearing…oh the list could go on and on.  But we’re labeled.

I’ve always been labeled “TOO” something.  Normally I was labeled “TOO opinionated.” I’ve never wanted to be the type of woman who sits in a meeting and goes with the flow. I didn’t want to be the kind who nods, smiles and doesn’t want to make any waves.  I want to question the who, what, why, where, when.  I don’t want to talk about a problem over and over…I want to find a solution.  I won’t cry when there is doubt surrounding me…I put my nose to the grindstone to work my tail off to prove people wrong.  I want to lay my head down at night and say “I did everything I could to make a difference today.”

I know I am supposed to fit into the “keep your hair and makeup flawless, show some finesse, don’t ruffle any feathers because it is un-ladylike and nod and smile” box…but hey, that’s not me.

Will everyone like you? Nope. Not everyone likes me…that’s for sure.

But I guarantee is has nothing to do with you. YOU hold the reins…not them. And THAT is what will make them uncomfortable. Don’t follow their script. You make sure to write your own.

It’s not about being popular.  It’s about making sure your voice is ALWAYS heard. Our children need our voices…our communities need our voices.

So throw on some red lipstick…or not.  Curl your hair…or throw it in a ponytail.  Rock your best suit…or sweats. It doesn’t matter. Don’t fit in that box you are given. Put your foot down. Raise your voice.

MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD. Even if it shakes.