A recent comment made to me got me thinking…

Did you know…

Some women gain a TON of weight when they’re pregnant…while others gain very little.

Some women can fit in their pre-baby jeans right after birth…while others still rock maternity pants years later.

Some women work a full-time job outside of the home…while some women work inside of the home.

Some women color their hair…while others like to go au natural.

Some women have their finances in check…while others struggle to make ends meet.

Some women are in solid, loving relationships…while others are in the throws of a terrible breakup.

Some women breastfeed…while others use formula.

Some women choose to wear hair extensions…while others choose not to.

Some women like to wear sweatpants and a hat on the weekend…while others like to get dolled up.

Some women feed their kids organic food…whole some just drove through the fast food drive-thru.

Some women like to go for a run to stay fit…while some women prefer a leisurely walk.

Some women are Democrats…while some women are Republicans.

Some women are bold and vocal…while some women are shy and reserved.

Some women are like delicate flowers…while some are like bulls in a china shop.

Some women delivered a baby vaginally…while some have delivered via C-section.

Some women went to college…while others chose to go right into a career.

Some women prefer an inexpensive staycation…while others travel to a five-star resort.

Some women like to show their assets…while others choose to be more conservative when they dress.

Some women like to wear fake eyelashes…while some do not.

Some women are Catholic…while some women are Jewish.

Some women are Christian….while some women are atheists.

Some women have tattoos…while some do not.

Some women have had plastic surgery…while some have not.

Some women love to eat salads…while some prefer a juicy cheeseburger.

Some women like to get Botox…while some women do not.

Some women have lived a pretty charmed life…while some have been to hell and back.

Some women have the means for a lavish lifestyle…while some do not.

Some women will like you…while some women will not.

Whatever “woman” you are…you are perfect. Don’t let anyone shame you because you are not like them. Don’t let anyone shame you because your path was different.  Don’t let anyone shame you because you are not “perfect” in their eyes. Don’t let anyone shame you for the struggles you have faced.

People who take the time to research you and list your flaws don’t deserve you in their lives.

This is YOUR story.

Re-enacting someone else’s story would be boring and lifeless.

Don’t let anyone shame you but if they do…call them out on it.

Trust me, it’s not you…it’s them.