I believe in God…so I pray to Him often.

I believe in the angels and saints…so I pray to them often.

I believe that our loved ones who have passed away watch over us…so I pray to them often as well.

About four years ago, my husband and I tried for baby #3. I got pregnant…but soon after finding out, we learned it was a chemical pregnancy. We tried a few more times…and nothing.

I remember shouting out to my grandmother who passed away earlier that year, “Grandma! If this is meant to be…put in a good word for me!” I told my husband that I was going to give it all to God…and my grandmother.

You see – she was a fiery little Italian who took zero crap from anyone. Zero. She loved you fiercely but she would tell you exactly what was on her mind. I got quite a few handwritten letters from my grandmother over the years when she was “disappointed” in me. She was a devout Catholic who always told us the importance and POWER of prayer.  When she passed away, everything seemed to change. Our rock was gone and it left a hole in all of our hearts.

Several months passed and it was the anniversary of my grandmother’s death. It had been one year. The day was dreary and I crumbled. I could not stop crying…and it was the ugly cry. The one where I can’t catch my breath and I have red blotches all over my face. I didn’t feel right at all so I went in to see my doctor. I went through my emotions with her while they were drawing blood.

“Amanda…I think you got a message from heaven today. You are pregnant.”

I lost it. I knew this was a gift from my grandmother.

That little girl, turns 3 today and she reminds me exactly of my grandmother. From the moment she entered this world at 10 pounds and seven ounces she has kept me on my toes. She is fiery…hilarious…and takes zero crap from anyone.

My grandmother’s name is Grace. My daughter’s name is Luciana Grace.

She was sent to remind me that my grandmother will always be with me.

Signs…messages…divine intervention…it’s all around us.

We just have to open our hearts and let it all in.