After a wonderfully chaotic and rewarding journalism career, it all came to an end at 10:31 Wednesday night.  At that moment, I entered into TV news “retirement” and took a deep breath…because I knew everything was about to change.

If you’ve ever noticed, a lot of women step down from the business around the same time…when the kiddos are school-age.  That 2pm-11pm schedule can be brutal…there were days when I only saw my family for about 15 minutes in an entire day.  Like I’ve mentioned before, it was heartbreaking when my kids would get upset that I would have to go back to work after a quick dinner.  There could never be any tuck-ins…rarely did I have time to read them a book at night…I would leave before bedtime prayers.  Let’s just say I felt like I was failing in the momma department.

It’s funny because the first thing on Thursday, I got a flurry of texts from my friends asking “how does it feel?”


I think that summed it up.

I wore my hair straight. I didn’t have to pile on a ton of thick makeup so the HD cameras were forgiving. I wore stripes because I didn’t have to worry about looking as wide as a trailer on TV.  I got to hear about my kids’ last day of school FIRST! I got to see all of their end-of-year projects and go over report cards.  We made dinner together. We ate TOGETHER. I read them bedtime stories.  We said prayers together. And get this…I went to bed at 8:30!


I woke up feeling like Snow White…more rested than I have ever been before.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute I worked in the news business. Wait…I take that back.  I didn’t really care for all of the times I had to bite my tongue when I was getting nasty insults thrown my way on social media.

I was very lucky…especially at KWWL…to work with the caliber of people there.  I consider most of them my family. I joked with Ron and Mark that they weren’t getting rid of me 😉

But last night right before bed, my 9-year-old looked at me and said, “This was the best day, Mom.”

I asked, “Why, because it was the last day of school?”

She said, “No…because you were home.”

Enough said.