My tribe.

You often hear those two words when women are describing their friends.

I have always liked the description because it means we are surrounded by women who will fight for us…be our advocate…be loyal no matter what. Our ride-or-die kind of friends.

I am blessed with an amazing tribe.

But I learned over the weekend that sometimes your tribe consists of people who you don’t even know.

A friend of mine sent me a screenshot of a social media post. A woman, I didn’t know and who doesn’t know me, was going off about me. I’m not going to go into what she posted…just trust me, she is not a fan of me 😉

I have to admit – I didn’t even focus on what that woman was saying about me…it was the comments below hers that caught my eye. Several women, who I don’t know, were defending me.

Several women, who don’t know me personally, were basically telling this other woman with the hateful & judgmental words to take a seat.

It was refreshing. It was comforting. It reminded me that womanhood is one giant TRIBE.

We, as women, can be the worst can’t we? We’re always cutting other women down. We can be judgmental…catty…petty…undermining…jealous and everything in between.

I don’t know about you…but I don’t need my flaws pointed out all of the time. Especially on social media. I am well aware I am made ENTIRELY of flaws. But guess what? Like other women, I am stitched back together with good intentions.

To the women who had my back over the weekend: THANK YOU.

It’s refreshing to know we can have a tribe of women who look after us…even when they don’t know us.

It’s time we all leave the junior high lunch table.