“What does she know about running a non-profit?”


Look, I get it. When I was named Executive Director of Family & Children’s Council…I heard the whispers…I read some of the comments.  “It’s only because she used to be on the news.”  Phew. I’m glad I got that out of the way. It’s good to sometimes just let people know, “I know what you’re saying about me…I know what you’re thinking…and you couldn’t be more wrong.”

This non-profit. This agency.  This is place is different. And the moment the position was posted…I knew. This is what I need to be doing.

There’s a good chance most people don’t know what FCC does.  I’ll be honest…I didn’t know the totality of the services this agency provides.  Once I realized it…I was ashamed and embarrassed that I didn’t do more when I was on the news. I should have done MORE to let our community know about FCC.

I can give you the tag line of the agency…”Preventing child abuse and strengthening families.”  But most people will tune me out.  Say the words “child abuse” and if it doesn’t happen in your house, then it doesn’t affect you and it’s really not your concern.  Child abuse happens to those “other” kids. Kids from that “other” neighborhood.  Kids from the “other” side of town.  Can I be blunt? What a dumb way of thinking.  And I’ll admit…I used to think the same way.

I have the seen the end result when the money isn’t there to PREVENT child abuse.  I have seen the autopsy photos. I have read the police reports. I have done the interviews where the details are so horrific, they are forever engrained in my mind.

I am not going to sit high on a box here and preach about the importance of getting involved, etc.

All I’m asking is this: come from behind the proverbial white picket fence and understand as a community, we have to do whatever it takes for our children.  Our children, ALL of the children, deserve a happy childhood. They all deserve to feel secure when they’re at home, at school, at a neighbor’s house, on a playground. They all deserve to feel safe. They all deserve to live a life free from physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

It may not happen in our homes…but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen to our kids. Our children need to be informed…they need to know what is right…and what is not.

When our children are happy and healthy…when our families are honest and strong…OUR COMMNUNITIES are safe and strong.

This agency is literally there for families from the moment a child is born. Literally.

We are there. It’s not about if you have a job or not. It’s not about how much money is in your bank account. It’s not about if you own or rent a house.  It’s not about what kind of car you are leaving the hospital in. We are there.

What a tremendous honor to be part of something that does SO much…for nothing in return.

If you have followed my blog for some time then you know: I am a fighter. I don’t give up.

There is nothing more important than our children’s happiness and safety. Nothing.

Our children need us to fight for them.

It’s about drive. It’s about passion. It’s about love for our community.

My gloves are on…and they’re staying on.